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> Gato, clearly, is a sneaky bastard just like Amuro. He uses spare
> weapons as decoys, and loves to somersault over his enemy so he can
> attack 'em from behind. As Amuro proves over and over again, these
> tactics are very effective against Char - the Red Comet is prone to
> distraction anyway, so once you become confident enough to weather his
> initial barrage of attacks, it's quite possible to drop out of his field
> of view and then hit him from his blind spot. Gato, like Yazzan Gable, is
> a rotten shot but a master at these sneaky tactics; I'd give him good
> odds of kicking Char's ass.
> Kou Uraki, the talented amateur, tends to stay on the defensive when
> fighting Gato. His saving grace here is his superb reaction speed; every
> time Gato takes a swipe at him, he comes up with a last-minute evasive
> manuever, or sacrifices some part of his Gundam to deflect the blow. This
> pretty much nullifies Gato's efforts to catch him off-guard, since he can
> always save himself at the last second. Against the nonstop in-you-face
> barrage of Char, however, this nervous rookie would probably panic and
> get himself killed.
> Amuro versus Gato would be pretty weird, since they'd both be obsessed
> with squirming away for a surprise attack. I have to wonder whether
> they'd ever finish the fight, or whether it might come down to a
> simultaneous surprise attack where the fastest draw wins...

This is a similar problem that I encountered when I had time to work on the
GSimulator. Two suits with similar fight patterns would mimic each other
and essentially do the same thing to each other. So I had two suits that
would would reach a distance that they were both happy with and start
shooting each other until one of them died. Kind of boring MS combat.

To solve this... I tried to classify the suits & pilot characterstics into
defensive, evasive, offensive, random percentages, ie:

GP-02A - Defensive 50%, Offensive 20%, Random 5%, Evasive 15% (for the lack
of weapons, and high armor, the bazooka was never loaded in my simulations
as my simulator would immediate make the GP-02A thrust away from the enemy
until he was far enough (determined by minimum safe firing distance of
weapon) to fire the bazooka. 19 times of 20, he would be shot in the back
until he was dead. The one time he did win, he managed to get off the nuke
blast... :) I rated the damage from the nuke blast at 10000, versus your
average rifle shot - 75 damage. I used the playstation weapon charts as a
rough guide to weapon strength.

Then I would enhance the suit depending on the pilot on board: eg. Camille -
50% offensive, 30% random, 10% evasive, 10% defensive.

So Camille on board the GP-02A would create combined suit/pilot
characteristics of: Defensive 50%, Offensive 25%, Random 12.5%, Evasive
Plus added abilities like the Newtype attacks.

I would rate Char as pretty mixed between Offensive, Defensive, he's not too
innovative with weapons or surroundings, his attacks are very by-the-book.
But he is excellent at making quick decisions, but you don't expect too many
surprises from Char. Doesn't run very often. Could be the martyr
death-wish... :)

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