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we've been discussing of late...
> Gato, clearly, is a sneaky bastard just like Amuro. He uses spare
> weapons as decoys, and loves to somersault over his enemy so he can
> attack 'em from behind. As Amuro proves over and over again, these
> tactics are very effective against Char - the Red Comet is prone to
> distraction anyway, so once you become confident enough to weather his
> initial barrage of attacks, it's quite possible to drop out
> of his field
> of view and then hit him from his blind spot. Gato, like
> Yazzan Gable, is
> a rotten shot but a master at these sneaky tactics; I'd give him good
> odds of kicking Char's ass.

But Gato is a rotten shot. Give the same equipments, Char can out shot him.

> Kou Uraki, the talented amateur, tends to stay on the defensive when
> fighting Gato. His saving grace here is his superb reaction
> speed; every
> time Gato takes a swipe at him, he comes up with a last-minute evasive
> manuever, or sacrifices some part of his Gundam to deflect
> the blow. This
> pretty much nullifies Gato's efforts to catch him off-guard,
> since he can
> always save himself at the last second. Against the nonstop
> in-you-face
> barrage of Char, however, this nervous rookie would probably panic and
> get himself killed.

And against someone who will kill you in the first or second shot like Amuro
or Camille, Kou would be targeting practice.

> Amuro versus Gato would be pretty weird, since they'd both
> be obsessed
> with squirming away for a surprise attack. I have to wonder whether
> they'd ever finish the fight, or whether it might come down to a
> simultaneous surprise attack where the fastest draw wins...

Amuro is a much better shot than Char, so Char's adventage is greatly
amplified here.

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