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Robert L. B. asks,

>Has anyone else on this ML read, the MixxZine/TokyoPop manga of Mobile Suit
>Gundam: Blue Destiny?
> I'm wondering if Yu Kajima (protagonist) could beat Kou Uraki, if they
>were both in the standard GM?

  Quite possibly - Yu Kajima is actually a pretty serious ace. According
to the Blue Destiny novelization, even before the California Base attack
he's destroyed over 50 enemy mobile suits. He used to be a fighter pilot,
but after trying to fight Zeon's mobile suits at the start of the war, he
quickly realized what the wave of the future was and volunteered as a
test pilot for the Federation's mobile suit development program. So he
has plenty of experience under his belt, too.

  Kou, on the other hand, is a talented rookie. He's not so much a test
pilot as an aggressor/punching bag for South Burning, the actual
Torrington Base test pilot. But considering that he can survive in battle
against Gato, who's surely one of the best Zeon pilots, I wouldn't rule
him out against Kajima. Actually, their tactics are pretty similar - both
are good at jumping aerial assaults...

-- Mark

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