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> Gato's not a moron. You might say though, he's been blinded by loyalty.
> Yes, Char would beat him, but he's not a moron.
> If anybody's a moron its the big wigs of the Federation, and the
> Federation in general. It was a piece of cake for them to steal Unit 2.
> And then they set up Konpei Island as bait and were for some unknown
> were very sure they were safe,...and then they were all blown to kingdom
> come.
> And the biggest moron of 0083, Commander Nakato of the La Vien Rose.
> Can't stand that character.

I definitely agree that Gato isn't a moron, but you missed the point behind
the thieft of the GP02a. A portion of the Federation high command planned the
entire Operation Stardust. Delaz was just playing his part, as he saw it
anyway. The whole thing, from start to finish, was a plan to create an
autnomous faction of the Federation military that could remain on a war
footing for many years to come: the Titans.


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