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Wed, 03 Nov 1999 16:13:38 GMT

>From: "Paul Fields" <>
>Subject: Re: [gundam] Char vs. Gato
>Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 17:49:14 EST
>Ulrich Massamba wrote
>>Despite all these reasons Aznable must be careful because Gato is The
>>of Solomon and he didn't earns such nickname for nothing.
>Yes he did... he got the nickname for
>exactly nothing...
>we had this discussion a few months ago,
>Gato was off testing a Gelgoog durring
>the battle of Solomon. He was no where
>near the place... When the feds took over.

Paul, I'm sorry to be a pain in the a**. But are you sure Gato wan't at
Solomon. And at the beginning of 0083 it shows him kicking some GM
a** at the battle of Abowaku.

ps. what they showed, that wan't Solomon?

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