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>Subject: Re: [gundam] Char vs. Gato
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> >LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, PLACE YOUR BETS. Its the Mobile Suit battle of the
> >century!!!!
> > Alright fellas, who would win between Char Aznable and Anavel Gato?
> >Sorry I really shouldn't tell my opinion, because I'm biased, Gato all
> >way. Of course, there are quite a few Gundam shows I have not seen.
>Char. Mainly because:
>1. He's a newtype.
>2. He's not a moron. [Sorry, folks, I just think that Gato is not very
>bright. Compared to Kou, maybe, but he seems to believe *everything* his
>superiors tell him]
>3. He's had his name above the titles...

   Gato's not a moron. You might say though, he's been blinded by loyalty.
Yes, Char would beat him, but he's not a moron.
   If anybody's a moron its the big wigs of the Federation, and the
Federation in general. It was a piece of cake for them to steal Unit 2.
And then they set up Konpei Island as bait and were for some unknown reason
were very sure they were safe,...and then they were all blown to kingdom
    And the biggest moron of 0083, Commander Nakato of the La Vien Rose.
Can't stand that character.

ps. Yes, its pretty ridiculous that the NIGHTMARE OF SOLOMON!!! ooooo.
Couldn't beat a newbie right of the bat. But, how exactly does that make
Gato a moron?

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