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>>As I stated before many times, I know Zeon Daikun was peaceful but the
>>assassination of Zeon Daikun made Char the man he is, besides I have always
>>admired the complexity of most Villians in Gundam, they're choice to be
>>always has a reason from Char to Master Asia. But Back to the Gato thing, I
>>feel he is less deserving to be a main villian, he believed in Zeon
>>so much that he felt Zeon Glory would save him, like the Boxers of in China
>>who believe a foriegners bullet wouldn't hurt them but died from bullet
>>and the Kamakaze's of Japan who Rammed thier planes into ships for thier
>>country. Honorable, yes but what does Honor provide when your dead?
>>- Roger
>But it would have made him an honorable soldier, specially in death. and
>is worth it for him. Personally, I prefer Char's methods.
>"Magic is the hand of faith..."
>Richard Ramos
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Same here,

- Roger


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