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>Off topic; does anyone know who this vampire girl named "Camilla" is? She
>was featured in the last episode of
>Lupin III here, however, it wasn't the first instance
>I've come across that the words "Camilla" and "vampire"
>are related. Does anyone know more about it? I can't seem
>to find any info on the net about her... thanks.

Camilla is a variation of Camille, the name of the heroine of the 1852
novel La Dame Aux Camélias by Alexandre Dumas fils (1824~1895), the son of
the author of The Count Of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers. He's
also the man who coined the phrase "Business? It's quite simple; it's
other people's money!"

Camille, which is Latin for self-sacrificing, sacrifices her own happiness
in order to prove her love, eventually dying of consumption (tuberculosis)
in a protracted death scene that has been dramatized on stage and screen
quite a number of times. On film, Clara Kimball Young played Camille in
1915, Theda Bara in 1917, Nazimova (opposite Rudolf Valentino) in 1921,
Greta Garbo in 1937 and, in a made-for-TV movie, Greta Scacchi in 1984.
The popular image of the wasting-away-beauty Camille from these theatrical
productions gave rise to the name being applied to female vampires in a
number of films, including one of the concubines of Dracula in the 1931
Bela Lugosi classic.

In 1979, the name was applied to an equally self-sacrificing young man in
Mobile Suit Z-Gundam....


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