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>>Actually Char is definitely better than Gato, Char Fights for revenge and the
>>true nature of Zeon was peaceful until the Zabi's murdered his father and
>>bragged about it.
>I don't recall the Zabi family ever bragging about assassinating Zeon Daikum.
>If anything, the assassination was kept a secret, and everyone believed
>that Daikum died of natural causes - IIRC, old Zabi poisoned Daikum.

Even the timelines have been cagey about this. The phrasing of the UC
0068.10 entry, as translated by Mark Simmons and shamelessly lifted by me,
is: "Zeon Zum Daikun dies of unknown causes (possibly assassinated) and is
succeeded by former advisor Degwin Sodo Zabi."

Some earlier fannish translations had it as "under mysterious
circumstances" instead of "unknown causes" but, either way, there's never
been any evidence that Daikun was assassinated, only supposition by the
likes of Jinba Lal, who passed it on to Cassoval (AKA Edward AKA Char AKA
Quattro) as he was growing up on Earth. Cassoval and Artesia (AKA Sayla)
were about 9 and 6, respectively, when their father died, so Cassoval (now
Edward Mass) was probably the same age as Al Izuruha in Gundam 0080 (about
10) when Jinba Lal began preparing him to take his revenge and fulfill his
destiny, in that order.

By the way, nearly a year went by between the death of Daikun (0068.10) and
the establishment of the Zeon Principality (0069.08.15). It was the
assassination on that date of Sasuro Zabi, Degwin's second son, and the
subsequent purge of all Daikun sympathizers by Gihren, Degwin's first son,
that prompted Lal to bolt to Earth with the Daikun kids.

If you really want speculation, my own pet theory is that Gihren was behind
his younger brother's assassination, literally killing two birds with one
stone to put an end to a little sibling rivalry and give himself an excuse
to clean house within the new government....


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