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>>hmmm...Eva-00, Eva-01 and Eva-02 might do that AT Field stunt again to
>>catch that colony, or could they survive it...LOL. Regarding the
>>Positron Rifle, in ep.6 it was just a prototype they borrowed and
>>modified from the JSDF because their(NERV) own Positron rifle at that
>>time was too weak to penetrate the angel's AT Field and so the borrowed
>>rifle was powered by the entire Japan, and by the time Rei had her
>>Positron Rifle to shoot that angel who mind-raped Asuka the rifle had
>>it's own power source. For those who have the 1/100 LM-HG Eva-04 kit,
>>the Positron rifle Rei used is included, see the cylinder thingie on the
>>side of the rifle, it's the power source.
> Hmm... can you arrange this by the strongest to weakest
>1) Rei's Positron Sniper Rifle (the one you mentioned)
>2) GW's Buster Rifle
>3) Z's Hyper Mega Launcher
>4) L-Gaim mk.II's Buster Launcher

Actually I say the X's Gun is stronger than the positron, near the beginning
it took out an area the size of central park, The positran needs a whole towns
energy and is only focused in one part.

- Roger


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