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>>Keep in mind in
>>actual battle a Gundam could leave the Tokyo-3 and and Snipe an EVA from Far
>>away and with funnels
> Uh... do Funnels work in the atmosphere? I know there
>was a recent discussion about this, but I kinda forgot ^^;
>>an EVA is almost helpless in close range combat, but
>>thats only my opinion. ^_^
>>- Roger
> Just curious, have you seen the Evangelion series?
Yes I have 3 times over, Psycho frame plus beam weapons, an eva would end up
beat no matter Eva 01 or Eva series, Even without funnels a psycho frame can
lift up half of Axis, an AT field? even when asuka perfected it, the AT field
was only able to lift up Boats. By Sniping I meant with a Beam rifle.

- Roger


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