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>>Char was not as young as you think, I don't know the exact age of this
>>assassination but char looked around 10-13 years of age.
>At the time of the One Year War, Char was 19 years old, with an official age
>of 21 years (Char Aznable's official date of birth is two years /before/
>that of Caspar Lem Daikun.)
>>His father must have
>>taught him something. dropping a colony does have zeon philosophy, forcing
>>Earth Elite to go to space.
>AFAICR, Zeon Zum Daikun's teachings were peaceful. He would have abbhored
>what was done in his name by the Daikun family, just as he would have
>abbhored what his own son did in his name twelve years later.
>And keep in mind Char has always fought for what
>>he believed to be right, freeing the Spacenoids, Destroying the titan, and
>>could forget freeing that spacenoids from the Oppressive hand of the
>Char has fought for what he felt was right. However, he also feels that the
>End justifies the Means.
>>Char's men respected him and followed him without question, that is before
>>own personal feeling got in the way.
>Even after his own personal feelings got in the way, most of the warriors of
>Neo Zeon still followed him. As for Gyunei Guss, that was less a matter of
>Char's personal feelings than it was a matter of Gyunei's Artificial Newtype

As I stated before many times, I know Zeon Daikun was peaceful but the
assassination of Zeon Daikun made Char the man he is, besides I have always
admired the complexity of most Villians in Gundam, they're choice to be "evil"
always has a reason from Char to Master Asia. But Back to the Gato thing, I
feel he is less deserving to be a main villian, he believed in Zeon Philosophy
so much that he felt Zeon Glory would save him, like the Boxers of in China
who believe a foriegners bullet wouldn't hurt them but died from bullet wounds
and the Kamakaze's of Japan who Rammed thier planes into ships for thier
country. Honorable, yes but what does Honor provide when your dead?

- Roger


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