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Roger writes,

>I like original MS's and MA's and Bound Doc looks so
>freakin cool but Syd Mead made it look like a floating Pyramid as opposed to
>the original rounder skirt and though I like some Syd Mead redesigns (i.e.
>Ifreat) he really overdoes the panel lines and he is too much of a 2D

  You can't really use "Syd Mead" synonymously with "Turn A mecha
designs." Mead designed the Turn A, the upcoming Turn X, the WaDom, the
Sumo, the Flat, and the Rib - all of which were then cleaned up by the
multitalented Atsushi Shigeta. Veteran Kunio Okawara contributed the
dinosaurian Eagel, the cannon-toting Gozzo, and the runty Wadd.

  There are a few designs from the series that are yet to be accounted
for - they don't look like Okawara's work, they're certainly not Mead's,
and I don't think they're original work by Shigeta (though he could have
a different style when he's not doing cleanup). These are the GM-like
Cannon Irfute, the Borjarnon, and the remodeled Bound Doc - the Muttoo.
The Godwin, a variant of Okawara's Gozzo, also looks like the work of
this unidentified designer.

  Reader's digest version: Mead designed neither the Cannon Irfute or the
Mutto (nee Bound Doc).

-- Mark

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