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>> Gato was disilussioned and Char is a true Zeon, He believed
>> in Zeon philosophy why do you think he didn't join the feds when
>> his father got assassinated? A part of Char believes in the OLD
>> Zeon ways and the Zabi's Ambition took his father's life. In that
>> part of his life Char had only two choices, follow his Fathers
>> dreams as a Zeon in another name and exact his revenge slowy,
>> or join the Feds, give up his father Philosophy, never fight near a
>> zbi again and take the easy way out regretting every moment like
>> Sayla Mass.
>Where would Char have learned of his father's ideals? From people other than
>his father, of course. Char was a small child when his father was killed. And
>if Char was following his father's ideals, then why was trying to whip out
>the entire Zabi family line? Why was Char going to drop an asteroid on Earth?
>Because his father's ideals said so?
>Char is his own man. He follows his own beliefs and ideals, at all times. And
>he followed the occasional orders from his Zabi superiors.
Char was not as young as you think, I don't know the exact age of this
assassination but char looked around 10-13 years of age. His father must have
taught him something. dropping a colony does have zeon philosophy, forcing the
Earth Elite to go to space. And keep in mind Char has always fought for what
he believed to be right, freeing the Spacenoids, Destroying the titan, and who
could forget freeing that spacenoids from the Oppressive hand of the

Char's men respected him and followed him without question, that is before his
own personal feeling got in the way.

- Roger


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