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<< Original Bound Doc:
Thanks for the link, but I knew what the original looks like.

 Syd's "improved" version:
I may get flack for this, which I don't want or care if I am, since this is
my personal taste, but I like Syd's version better then the original. Yes, I
am a Gundam fan, but I am not a loyalist to a particular show, anime,
designer, etc. Actually there's some designers designs I like and some from
the same designer I don't. So far, I've liked Syd's mecha designs, as far as
I know, meaning I'm not sure of all the mecha he's designed. I hope this
didn't sound rude, because its not meant to be. Thanks for being reasonable.
I know the feeling, there's some very expensive B Club kits I want too, which
I will never be able to afford.


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