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>> No, Gato just bought the crap that Giren Zabi was selling to his people.
>> Char knows better. As for not trying to fulfill his father's teaching?
>> What do you think Char was doing in "Char's Counterattack"?
>Giren Zabi's "crap" is only crap to Feds and Gundam fans. The vast majority
>of Zeon believed in what Giren created. Just like Germany followed Hitler,
>Rome followed Nero, and the Democrats followed Kennedy. Just because Gato was
>loyal to his people, and willing to follow their beliefs, doesn't make him
>less of a person (even for an anime character).
>Char in CCA was just Char. As far as I could see, Char was still following a
>personal agenda to the detriment of his forces. Char wanted to fight Amuro.
>End of story. And Amuro still won.

Gato was disilussioned and Char is a true Zeon, He believed in Zeon philosophy
why do you think he didn't join the feds when his father got assassinated? A
part of Char believes in the OLD Zeon ways and the Zabi's Ambition took his
father's life. In that part of his life Char had only two choices, follow his
Fathers dreams as a Zeon in another name and exact his revenge slowy, or join
the Feds, give up his father Philosophy, never fight near a zbi again and take
the easy way out regretting every moment like Sayla Mass.

- Roger


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