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>>>another Suggestion for the gundam side: Cut the cord and stall
>>Wouldn't work for mass produced EVAs, or late series Unit 01 and might not
>>work for Unit 01 at *any* point...
>Eva 1 and Eva Series without thier cord they tend to be violent, swinging and
>biting and such, when a gundam cuts off a limb, whats it gonna do? eat a
>minovsky generator? It wont be able to regenerate.
>Besides this thread is getting mighty boring.
>- Roger

Uhh... I've been suppressing an urge to add my comments to this typical
fan-person debate. I appologize for prolonging this thread but here I go...

The Evas are designed strictly for the defence of Tokyo-3. They rarely
stray from Nerv. There are weapons and extra power cables hidden all over
the area. Not only is the AT field an almost perfect defense, but it can
also be used offensively, like in the "End of Evangelion". In fact, you
haven't really seen an Eva's power untill you've seen what goes on in "End
of E."

Still, an eva might not survive an atomic blast, and it is certainly
doubtful it could survive a colony drop, but then its not really eva vs.
mobile suit anymore then is it? ^_^


BTW- anyone see the new Simpsons halloween special sunday? Funny stuff.

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