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>I like Syd's designs. I saw his Yamato design and I don't see why its so bad,
>either. Yes, I've seen the original Yamato also. That's such a small picture
>of the Bound Doc, so I don't know what to think. I don't like the original
>Bound Doc anyway, its design is too werid. I don't know why people have a
>problem with the new designs, previous Gundam shows had really weird and
>freaky mecha too. Alot of the MA's are werid looking.
Well the Bound Doc is one of my Favorite designs,if you ignore the oversized
skirt it is THE coolest MA. I've alway wanted it but I couldn't dish out that
much for a b-club. I like original MS's and MA's and Bound Doc looks so
freakin cool but Syd Mead made it look like a floating Pyramid as opposed to
the original rounder skirt and though I like some Syd Mead redesigns (i.e.
Ifreat) he really overdoes the panel lines and he is too much of a 2D
designer. His ideas may have been good but I really wish he would stop by now,
in an interview with him he stated something like "If people don't like the
designs I would Hardly consider them successful" or something like that.

Original Bound Doc:

Syd's "improved" version:

- Roger


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