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>>>===== Original Message From =====
>>>Actually Char is definitely better than Gato, Char Fights for revenge and
>>>true nature of Zeon was peaceful until the Zabi's murdered his father and
>>>bragged about it.
>>>I don't recall the Zabi family ever bragging about assassinating Zeon
>>>If anything, the assassination was kept a secret, and everyone believed
>>>that Daikum died of natural causes - IIRC, old Zabi poisoned Daikum.
>>>He never Said it directly but there was a rumor that after the murder he
>>bragged about it to various people it could be true or not but it was said
>>the original series and the last movie.
>>- Roger
>Can you point me to the episode or scene in the last movie where this was
>mentioned? I haven't watched either for a while and don't recall seeing
>this particular scene.

Hmm... I don't really remember it very well but its in series after rewatching
it a few years ago, that one scene stuck in my head, besides why would Char
hate the Zabi's if he wasn't sure that his father's death was by they're
hands, keep in mind Char is very down to earth and wouldn't point finger if he
wasn't sure.

- Roger


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