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<< ><< Oh my god!! is that red thing it?!! that isn't a bound Doc and it looks
>like a
> big red flying pyramid!!! Oh my God Syd Mead Bastardized another Classic
> Thanks a lot Syd.
> >>
>I wouldn't go blaming Syd just yet. He isn't designing all of the mecha,
>just the new stuff. As far as retoconning I think that would be good old
>Kunio Okawara. If you notice the "Borjarnos", or Zaku II's as they would
>regularly be called, look a little cartoony compared to the now accepted
>Designs. And don't forget they shrunk the Capule/Kapool. Add to that that
>the Bound Doc was probably a prototype... Well let's just say they can
>probably rationalize the change in their own minds.
 Hm.... good point but the only other person on the design list for this is
 Kunio Okowara and his designs can be told apart so easily,Waddo and eagle
 some of Okowara's designs. Syd makes most of his MS's in simple Geometrical
 shapes and many useless panel lines as opposed to Okowara's designs which
 more Gundam-ish, he still keeps the crotch plates and the corners aren't as
 "angular" as Syd Mead.So Kunio design catch my eye more !! >>

I like Syd's designs. I saw his Yamato design and I don't see why its so bad,
either. Yes, I've seen the original Yamato also. That's such a small picture
of the Bound Doc, so I don't know what to think. I don't like the original
Bound Doc anyway, its design is too werid. I don't know why people have a
problem with the new designs, previous Gundam shows had really weird and
freaky mecha too. Alot of the MA's are werid looking.


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