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Only Toys R Us in Southern California will have Gundam models until February,
then they will be available at all of them.

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Hey Folks,

I had just visited two Toys R Us stores in the NJ/NY area and both of
them did not have any Gundam Wing models.....yet.

I visited the one on Route 18 in NJ near Rutgers University and the Toys
R Us Kids World off of the NJ Turnpike Exit 13A. Apparently they are on
the computer, But that they have none in stock and do not yet have an
Aisle location code. So the guy I talked to said that they have not
arrived at that store yet. But that since they are in the computer that
they may get them sometime in the future. Oh well hope they eventually
get in.

Off Topic though they had Darkstalkers 3 action figures for $3 and they
also had the new Tekken 3 action figure. Heihachi looks pretty cool.


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