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>> Also, Char had his own
>> agenda to
>> follow, and he was a traitor to his people.
>Hum... no. Char is a traitor to the Zabi, but who are they to complain?
>Deign did assisinate Zeon Daikun, and Char is just repaying that favor.
>> True enough. Gato was one of the true Children of Zeon, while
>> Char was just
>> one of Zeon's children. Char's goal was to get close to the
>> Zavi's so he
>> could destroy those that killed his father, but he never
>> really had it in him
>> to bring his fathers vision to life. He just didn't believe.
>> Gato was a
>> soldier first and foremost, following the ideals he believed
>> in to the end.
>> Gato was a soldier and a leader of men, while Char was just a bastard
>> poisoned by revenge.
>No, Gato just bought the crap that Giren Zabi was selling to his people.
>Char knows better. As for not trying to fulfill his father's teaching?
>What do you think Char was doing in "Char's Counterattack"?

Actually Char is definitely better than Gato, Char Fights for revenge and the
true nature of Zeon was peaceful until the Zabi's murdered his father and
bragged about it. Gato takes it backwards from the Zabi's and likes it. Char
DOES believe in Zeon philosophy, just not Zabi philosophy. Char is more
sophisticated and takes his revenge slowly, as for Gato.... well, he just
takes whatever the Zeon gives him and as a result he gets beaten by a rookie.

Remember when Quattro Vagina asks Camille about what he thought of Char? That
one line summarizes all things needed to be said about Char.

- Roger


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