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Mon, 01 Nov 1999 10:34:43 PST

Hi Garrick,

>there are still some mechs in g gundam that have no
>pics (they're the really minor ones, without even a
>second of screen-time in some cases...but something
>curiosity's egging me to want to see). y'know, some
>countries with more than one gundam like new-germany,
>new russia, new england....

I know one that I am missing, and that's the incredibly stupid-looking
Mammoth Gundam from Neo-Siberia. I just noticed it this weekend while
thumbing through my MS Encyclopedia 98. I'll have it up on my web site this

>and some in the mobile suit variations...
>and the odd mecha here and there in other series...

Unfortunately, what you see is all that I have pictures for right now.
Until I can pick up more books with other pictures, or someone emails me
pics that I don't have, this is all I have right now. You have anything I
could use? ^_^

Thanks for the comments,

- Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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