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>Has anyone seen Neon Genesis Evangelion? I haven't so I'm asking you. If a
>group of Gundams, say a few GP01s and a GP02 went head to head with a bunch
>of EVAs, who would win? Be honest.

It depends. Are we talking Unit 01 *with* or *without* S2 parts? Are we
talking mass produced EVAs - which also have S2 parts IIRC?
If we are, then the EVAs win hands down - or at least wouldn't lose. AT
fields are just too darn effective against conventional weapons - and I
suspect that would include most beam weapons in Gundam. They may also be
effective against Nuclear weapons - the N2 mine used against the 3rd Angel
may not have been Nuclear, but it's of comparable power to most modern

If we're talking about EVAs *without* S2 parts (other than Unit 01 which is
a law unto herself) then after 5 minutes they're toast...

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