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>Really what's a big clumsy Mobile Armor ever had that Char
>couldn't defeat with a "Bazooka Round" no I-Field protection
>from that. And Kou and Gato were both pretty lousy shots. I
>mean Gato kept on not being able to kill Kou, because he was
>learning too fast, whereas Char couldn't kill Amuro because he
>always seemed to know when the shots were coming, they both
>did. Try this for your example...
>Gato: Damn he's too fast, can't aim these clumsy beam cannons
> quick enough...
> <Blast Blast>
>Char: This guy can't hit Sh**, no wonder that angst ridden moron
> keeps giving him so much trouble.
>Gato: Ah here he comes again, I'll finish him this time. "Char I have
> returned"
> <Blast Blast>
>Char: Mmmm Newtype sense says move left...
> <Zaku/Gelgoog/Ziong moves out of the way>
>Gato: Damn, how does he do that...
>Gato: I'll win because I have the Light and Fire of Zeon
> <Beam saber swish>
>Char: I'll win because I was born because Zeon lit a fire
> <Heat Hawk miss>
>(They always miss while their talking just watch Char's Counterattack
> or any Erol Flynn Robin Hood movie.)
>Gato: I am the Nightmare of Solomon...
>Char: You mean the FAKE title they gave you for a battle you
> could not possibly have fought in, to make you a more
> impressive clone of me anyway...
>Gato: I'm not your clone... I'm a Zeon soldier...
>Char: Your the cheap clone of me used to fight the feds while I
> was off buying sunglasses...
>Gato: No....
>Char: Yes....
> <Bazook round fires into Nue Zeil>
>Gato: But I have an I-Field
> <Boom>
>Char: Give a guy a mobile armor and he destroys a few battlships
> and he thinks he's some sort of a god... Hell I destroyed 5
> warships in a Zaku... some guys never learn...

    Very cool. I laughed my a** off. But however, Gato is a clone of no

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