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>Subject: Re: [gundam] EVAs vs. Mobile Suits
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>Robert L. B. wrote:
> >
> > Has anyone seen Neon Genesis Evangelion? I haven't so I'm asking you.
>If a
> > group of Gundams, say a few GP01s and a GP02 went head to head with a
> > of EVAs, who would win? Be honest.
> > --Gundam01
> >
>That depends which Evas you're talking about...I'd say I'll put in
>around two to three Eva-01s and then 8 Eva-05 series to make sure (gotta
>love the way they regenerated... ^_^) Nukes don't afffect Evas just as
>they don't affect the Angels (I think so...they only used N2 or Non
>Nuclear mines in the series)...put in the GP03 instead...
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I really am going to have to watch Evangelion.

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