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My two cents on the matter:

On sheer battle skill alone, I think that gato would lose for one reason.
He cares too much. Char is dangerous precisely because he has the
mentality that he can nd does use people, MS, MA, Ships, whatever as tools
of war. Gato, while perhaps being a better soldier, is not a general.
Char operates on a level where he sees the bigger picture, that he sees
everything in terms of how it can fit into a larger plan...although what
this larger plan is a bit open to question. Gato is a good fighter, and an
honorable one at that.

Char, then, is one with a general's mentality, while Gato has a line
officer's. Big difference between strategy and tactics. Char, too, has
that ruthlessness which makes him even more dangerous than Gato. another
thing: CHar inspires fear and Gato inspires. Sometimes, that makes a big
difference in combat. While Gato's men are willing to die for him, Char's
men would dare not displease him. If I were a general, I would rather the
second than the first.

finally, as for their battle styles...Gato ends up losing more people who
would have been useful somewhere else if they keep on blocking shots for
him. Char, when he goes alone, will assure that he will have better people
all over the place. That, while cold-blooded, is a better tactic overall.
While admittedly Char can be killed because of his solo action, and Gato
survives more because of his officer's loyalties, I think in the long run
Char's side will win.

So who's better? Char, even when dead. In personal battle, however, I
think that Gato may have an edge...but then Char is char.

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