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> >> You know I was wondering about that myself. I know by 0083 they are
> >> neutral. But what about during the One Year War? Didn't Kishiria Zabi
> >> have a base on Moon?
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> >Yes, Zeon has the base Grenada on the darkside.
>The correct term is "far side" -- there'e no such thing as a "dark saide"
>of the Moon. Even Pink Floyd's long-charting album, Dark Side of the Moon,
>admitted that fact in a voiceover in the final track.
>Excluding eclipses, the side that faces away from the Earth gets the same
>amount of "day" and "night" as the side that we always see, about 14.25
>days of each. The Moon's rotation, called a lunation, is exactly 29 days,
>12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds.
>During the fortnight of daylight, the temperature reaches 117C (242.6F)
>and, during the night, it drops to -173C (-279.4F). During lunar
>eclipses, at which time the Earth may block the sunlight for up to 2.5
>hours, the temperature can drop to about -100C (-148F) within the first
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