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>Subject: Re: [gundam] EVAs vs. Mobile Suits
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> Just my opinion but are we really able to compare the two since EVAs
>Mobile Suits were designed for different purposes. Mobile suits were
>designed for military operations, and EVAs were built for the sole reason
>defending Earth from the Angels. With this in mind remember that Mobile
>Suits were given weapons such as beam rifles, beam sabers, hyper bazookas,
>etc. and altough EVAs were given physical weapons and guns like a MS, an
>relies heavily on it's ability to generate an AT Field for itself and
>dissapate an enemy's AT Field.
> To put it simply an EVA wasn't designed with the idea of destructive
>force in mind, and Mobile Suits were.
>BTW I think that the EVA would kick some Mobile Suit butt. Unless EVA-01
>with Shinji at the controls was to face off Amuro in the Nu Gundam. That
>might too close to call.
>-Ryan Freeman-
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    Yes, the two are worlds apart. You've just got to have an imagination
(which I'm sure you do).
    The EVAs are probably more agile than the MSs, but, one quick beam saber
slice and its lights out for the EVAs.

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