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>Oops I forgot something
>>The beleif that Gato is great, and Char is a
>>poisoned little rich kid doesn't pan out either.
>Char even gets Reincarnated in Gaia Gear, and
>sees the oppression of the Newtypes in the
>future over the Oldtypes, and fights that too
>because Zeon Daikun (Char's Dad) saw all of the
>Newtypes bringing an age of peace and unity to
>the Earth, and basically in Gaia Gear they had
>chosen to follow Giren Zavi's approach in that
>the "Chosen people" must rule humanity.

To me Gato is a disillsuioned Zeon grunt who lives in someone else's dream.
Char fights to reclaim the Daikun Family honor and bring back the true Zeon
philosophy's of his father.

- Roger


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