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>> hat wasn't really the problem Tet, He said that an EVA HANDGUN
>> was 880mm and its brigger guns are size of Battleship guns, now
>> thats ridiculous. even if an eva was 40m tall its hangun rounds wouldn't
>> be that big.
>Why not? You seem to be implying that my opinion is blasphemy. Not that that
>bothers me any, being the anti-christ and all. Anyway, if Evas are indeed 40
>m tall, then that makes them about x20 scale to humans. So, if their handguns
>fire scaled up 10 mm rounds, that those round are 200 mm (6 inchs). But in
>the actual TV show the rounds are shown to be about 2 m in diameter, which
>means that if the handgun round is an up scaled 10 mm round, then at 2000 mm
>for a round, Evas are x200 scale humans. This means the they aren't 40 m
>tall, but 400 m tall, which is in scale with what's been display in the show.
>Example, Shinji crouching behind a skyscraper and Aska standing on an
>aircraft carrier's flight deck. That means ten times taller than a Psycho
>Gundam, which also means the MSs are like nasty little Chihuahuas, nipping at
>the Eva's ankles.
But your saying that the handgun Rounds are 200mm, your just screwed yourself,
you said in the beginning that the hangun rounds were 880 mm. I mean I'm not
trying to screw you over on purpose but it just sounds too outragous.

- Roger


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