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Mark Simmons wrote:

> As to the bazooka caliber issue...
> The 880mm bazooka rounds cited for the Dom Tropen's "raketen bazooka"
> in 0083 were subsequently rationalized in the MG Dom kit manual. While
> the regular "giant bazooka" shells are 360mm in diameter, the raketen
> bazooka fires rockets, which are described in terms of length; e.g. these
> shells are 880mm _long_.
> While a human-scale bazooka scaled up to MS size would indeed fire
> shells about 900mm in diameter, mobile suit bazookas are more akin to
> multi-round rocket launchers. Their shells range from 280mm (Zaku
> bazooka) to 380mm (Gundam's hyper bazooka), with 360mm (Dom bazooka,
> Gundam Mark II hyper bazooka) being fairly standard.
> -- Mark

I think the official figures defy common sense. A Dom's 'giant' bazooka
firing a human scale equivalent 36mm rounds ? That's smaller than the rounds
of most grenade launchers. Note: the M203 grenade launcher which attaches to
M16 rifles fires single shot 40mm rounds.

A 880mm long bazooka round ? and presumeably around 360mm diameter?
In human scale, that's about the size of a shot-gun shell. Calling a weapon
which fires shot-gun shell size rounds a bazooka must be a misnomer, and why
be shoulder launched ?

Real bazookas are supposed to be anti-tank weapons and thus fire pretty big
rounds(88-100mm), but the MS bazookas which are primarily for taking out
spaceships, firing relatively tiny rounds(28-36mm human equivalent)?
Something doesn't seem right, ships are a lot bigger than MS scale tanks.

May be they have better explosives so they can keep the size to a minimum,
but then you expect the weapons to fire much more than a few rounds and is it
necessary for it to be shoulder launched ?.(Gundam's bazooka fires 5 rounds?
if I'm not mistaken)

I don't know who came up with the official weapon specs but I think somebody
in a haste to explain MS bazookas firing multiple rounds miscalculated the


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