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>> Just for the record -- whenever we talk about calibers, we *are*
>> talking about the diameter and not the length, correct?
> Oh boy, you just opened up a can of worms. It can mean two different

        Opps. That probably explain the confusion though.

>In small arms, caliber is the diameter of the round (bullet) - such as
> However, for cannons for some reason it is used to describe the length of
>the cannon barrel (not the round) such as a 55 caliber 120mm gun. In that
>case, I believe a caliber is how long the barrel is times the diameter of the
>round. So for 55 caliber 120mm, that would be 55 times 120mm is the length
>of the barrel.

        Useful to know. =)

        However, can we settle on one method of referring to MS weapon
caliber on this ML? I'll suggest using the small arms definition (XXmm =
diameter of round) since it seems that most kits use that as reference.

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