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>Why not? You seem to be implying that my opinion is blasphemy. Not that that

        Whoa, whoa! Cool off, man.. No need to get all excited. =)

>Anyway, if Evas are indeed 40m tall, then that makes them about x20 scale
>to humans. So, if their handguns fire scaled up 10 mm rounds, that those round
>are 200 mm (6 inchs).

        Which seems to be a reasonable size, for a 40m tall "MS". And this
is similar to a Zaku bazooka round (as stated in the MG manual). And which
would still blow a Gundam MS up *real* good if it connects.

>But in the actual TV show the rounds are shown to be about 2 m in diameter,
>which means that if the handgun round is an up scaled 10 mm round, then at
>2000 mm for a round, Evas are x200 scale humans. This means the they aren't
>40 m tall, but 400 m tall, which is in scale with what's been display
>in the show.

        Good point. If this is the case, then Eva ammunition is in fact
really big battleship rounds (doh! a 72" round!), just loaded into an
automatic weapon (gah!). Just thinking about what a near miss will do to an
MS is already mind-boggling. And just consider how *thick* Eva's power cable
will be... =)

        Let's just do what someone suggested. Drop a colony on top of them.

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