Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Sun, 31 Oct 1999 22:13:38 -0500

>Having been a manga/anime fan for almost 30 yrs.(I'm quite old...), when the
>whole bishounen term was first coined, it was used exclusively for
>"beautiful boys" who were pretty in an almost girl-like way, and not
>masculine. However, the media has used the term more and more loosely. If
>you read current Japanese magazines and look at "idol" singers and actors
>called "bishounen", I don't think they fit that definition any more.

 Yeah, it's used that way. I even saw this Japanese drama
wherein the girls called this guy a bishounen...

>I have seen articles in non-anime magazines referring to shows such as Saint
>Seiya, Samurai Troopers, and Gundam Wing as "bishounen gundan (group)
>anime", so I think the media considers them as such.

 Yeah, even in the Super Robot Wars, especially the manga,
just look how the girls react to the presence of Heero...

>I think nowadays, they
>use it for boys in their teens who have a "pretty" look. Once they look
>fully grown, they are called "biseinen". (I've seen Brad Pitt described as

 So, is there a word that refers to "bishounen", "bishoujo" and "biseinen" in general?

 By the way, way off-topic; do you know who did the illustrations for Langrisser I & II? The art is similar
to that of Chirality and Lemnear... it's pretty good.


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