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Paul Fields wrote:

> >From: Neil Baumgardner <>
> > Are you saying the end justifies the means?
> Nope just making sure we know its thousands
> enslaving billions that is fought against.

Okay, granted.

> Not a few hundred angry newtypes fighting
> all of humanity. Because by that time all
> of humanity lives in space for the most part.
> Only the government officials, and people of
> priviledge live their lives on Earth.

You know, I'm not that sure of that to be honest. Many of the scenes from
Earth seem to show ordinary people.

> These
> same people living on Earth continue to let
> the spacenoids suffer, when in all actuality
> everyone NOT on Earth are the ones suffering.

Admitted, but just the same many of these privedged people have nothing
to do with the oppression of the spacenoids. And even if they do, it
doesnt merit wholesale execution.

I'm glad to see we've somewhat come together on this however, and where
we're not, we may just have to agree to disagree.


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