Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Sun, 31 Oct 1999 22:03:47 -0500

>> If that's the case, how in the world did fellas like Heero, Trowa, and =
>>became considered as "bishonen"?
>Beats me. I wouldn't call them bishonen for a nanosecond.
 Neither would I ^^;

> Well, I might =
>conceed on Quatre, he's awfully pretty (must've been the hormonal =
>overdose of having 29 sisters ^_^) Oh, I've asked my roommate about =
>this--she grew up in Japan and was a Wing fan--she's never thought any of =
>the boys were bishonen but she sure like Duo.

 Hmm... so it appears that it depends on the individual
tastes... unless of course if there is a standard official
rating for characters (like in the case of GW)

>> Again, if that's the case, how did most of the GW boys
>>became considered as bishounens?
>Maybe the term is beeing used more loosely these days but that's kind of =
>like saying any Hollywood actor who appeals to women and is better =
>looking than Charles Bronson (I may have that wrong, I'm thinking of the =
>70's actor from Deathwish) is a pretty boy.

 He is?

>> How do you define "cool characters"? =3D)
>Its the "cool" attitude/stereotypical behavior of the character as =
>opposed to whether the audiance finds the character appealing. Utter =
>self-assurance, almost always calm. I'm not sure how else to describe =
>it, that's what the word is for ^_^ Japan produces the "cool" character =
>par excellence.

 Yeah they do. But most cool characters are bishonens, and
most of them (like Tokiya or Alucard) aren't that feminine
to me...


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