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Sun, 31 Oct 1999 21:49:29 -0500

Paul Fields wrote:

> >From: Neil Baumgardner <>
> >What you're talking is freedom at any price, or put another way, spacenoid
> >lebensraum.
> >We're talking about the oppression of say a few hundred or thousand people
> >(Newtypes) vs the murder of millions! No comparison. I'm not saying the
> >spacenoid/Newtype oppression was right, but Char's methods are far worse.
> Except its not millions for hundreds or
> thousands. Its the remaining few left on
> Earth for the freedom of Billions in space.

    It's still murder, genocide, whatever you want to call it. Plenty of
innocents would
    be killed in the process of liberating the spacenoids. There's fighting for
    like say the American Revolution, and then there's Nuking London!

    Are you saying the end justifies the means?


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