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Paul Fields wrote:

> >From: Neil Baumgardner <>
> > Whoa, wait a minute. We're tredging on cultural relativism here. The
> >fact
> >is the
> > Federation government wasnt killing millions of Newtypes, as opposed
> >to
> >what
> > Char aimed to do.
> >
> > Neil
> What's the difference dying or living
> oppressed... That's what Char was in
> the fight for... Freedom for the space
> people, and not necessarily Newtypes.

What you're talking is freedom at any price, or put another way, spacenoid

"Man must punish mankind to atone for the crimes we've committed" was what
Char said near the end of CCA.

Who made him the judge and executioner of all mankind?!

We're talking about the oppression of say a few hundred or thousand people
(Newtypes) vs the murder of millions! No comparison. I'm not saying the
spacenoid/Newtype oppression was right, but Char's methods are far worse.

By CCA he's flipped out, about as bad as the final days of Hitler (ie the
German people must suffer for not being good enough).

> It wasn't until Gaia Gear that there
> were enough Newtypes to enslave, and
> oppress the Oldtypes that we actually
> see that kind of reversal.

    Well in CCA he couldnt have been all that unsympathetic to that, as he
wanted to
    kill most 'Earthnoids' to provide 'spacenoid freedom.'


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