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mirai y wrote:
> >From: Mecha <Mecha@Dakotacom.net>
> >I just saw the ABC news Friday evening and they were showing one of NASA's
> >new projects, a small spherical robot about 6 to 8 inches in diameter. The
> >thing would roam freely around in the space shuttle and be used to relay
> >messages to the crew and be equipped with sensors to determine cabin
> >pressure, Oxygen and CO2 levels. The only things is that it was painted
> >red and not that lime green that Haro has.
> They were speculating that the robot was probably modeled after Haro, but
> the company wouldn't admit to it...

Now that this is mentioned I remember seeing this
on slashdot.org. I didn't post before because I
couldn't remember where I saw it (here of /.)
Anyway they were more comparing it more to the
little orb Luke Skywalker practices with in Star
Wars. Haro didn't come to my immediate attention

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