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>From: Neil Baumgardner <>

> Whoa, wait a minute. We're tredging on cultural relativism here. The
>is the
> Federation government wasnt killing millions of Newtypes, as opposed
> Char aimed to do.
> Neil

What's the difference dying or living
oppressed... That's what Char was in
the fight for... Freedom for the space
people, and not necessarily Newtypes.

It wasn't until Gaia Gear that there
were enough Newtypes to enslave, and
oppress the Oldtypes that we actually
see that kind of reversal.

But since most of the population of
humanity lived in space, under the
oppression of the Federation Elitist
government who all lived on Earth.

Char figured the easiest way to fix
it was to let the Earth rest for a
little while.

In the future the Newtypes take over
and become Elitist pigs themselves,
and Char can't stand for that either.


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