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Paul Fields wrote:

> Neil Baumgardner wrote
> >It's all in the methods. Trying to bombard Earth with asteroids, killing
> >millions in the process, makes him every bit as bad as Giren, if not more
> >so. That record certainly speaks for itself.
> >
> > > 0203 Newtype Tyranny Sucks too...
> >
> >I hate to admit it, but after CCA, I dont buy the change of heart so much,
> >but oh well.
> >
> > > So after the Zavis, symbols of tyranny
> > > kill his parents Char fights for revenge
> > > but then after he fights for freedom.
> >
> >And yet he eventually comes to pursue a goal more heinous than the
> >oppression he fights.
> Not for those being oppressed... in 0093
> not very many people live on Earth that
> are not a part of the Federation Government
> which means he's killing just the people
> he wants to and very few he doesn't...

    Whoa, wait a minute. We're tredging on cultural relativism here. The fact
is the
    Federation government wasnt killing millions of Newtypes, as opposed to
    Char aimed to do.


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