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Paul Fields wrote:

> Neil Baumgardner wrote
> > Dont get me wrong, I wasnt necessarily saying Gato was better than
> >Char, just
> > saying that Gato's reputation cant be disregarded offhand.
> I'm not throwing it totally out just
> sometimes wish they'd use someone like
> the Shin "White Wolf of Solomon", or
> someone else from an MSV like Johnny
> Ridden. Dig up someone who didn't die
> and make them have Gato's role in 0083.
> That way its not entirely fabricated.
> I also hate the fact that so much of
> Gato's dialogue was just Char from the
> other animated series, and movie. Even
> the Gato/Nina thing was just another
> Char/Salya thing...

Okay, I can see that.

> That's why I hate Gato so much. At
> least if we're gonna have him, lets have
> the real Char, not just a look-alike.

    Dont hold it in Paul, let it all out ;)

    Actually I have to say I like Gato more, but that simply come from
seeing 0083
    first more than anything else. At any rate, Gato is such a 'true
believer,' a simple
    soldier, not caught up on himself. He's simply fighting for his country,
as opposed
    to some genocidal idea of Pax Newtypea.


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