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Paul Fields wrote:

> Neil Baumgardner wrote
> > Again he was some form of badass to get such a reputation.
> >
> > Neil
> Local Hero is more like it...

    Sorry, I doubt he was a 'Local Hero' to the Federation, which is
where we hear
    about his reputation the most.

> Compare that to Gato's measley attack on the Feds
> Torrington base, and having two getaway ships is
> good, but nothing like Char pulling the strings
> of and enemy vessel for as long as he did. Gato
> probably had some coaching from Delaz, where as
> Char had only himself to rely on for planning.
> <snip>
> To quote the CCA trailer if you think Gato was half
> the man Char was "You don't know gundam"

    Dont get me wrong, I wasnt necessarily saying Gato was better than
Char, just
    saying that Gato's reputation cant be disregarded offhand. I would
agree that
    Gato's reputation is likely more derived from being a good soldier,
    battleships, etc, than being a leader of troops. OTOH, that's also
how Char
    became known as the Red Comet, not from being a great commander or


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