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<< That isn't always true. Look at all of the Toys they make to promote
 Wing Commander the New Lost In Space. And they are almost always eventually
 in the Bottom of the Basement Bargain Bin for like a buck. The toys were
 made before the movie came out as a promotional tie in. They might have
 planed to make all of these Turn A toys before the series came out, back
 EVERYONE was hyped about a new UC Tomino show. Back then it seemed like a
 sure thing, so they invested in designing a new group of toys. If they made
 the investment to design them they gotta at least try and sell them.
 mean people are buying. Or has anyone here bought those lame Wing Commander
 toys?? >>

I know and understand excatly what you are saying. The picture I posted, is
the Turn A toy that's supposed to be made of titanium. Being made of titanium
is probably why it costs so much. If the Turn A toy doesn't sale well, it
will be a waste of titanium. If this toy doesn't sale, Bandai could be
hurting, because the price is $89 and if they only sale, for example, 200 out
of 2,000 or higher, that's alot of money for a company to lose. Remember when
Bandai got a new President? I read on somewhere, I think it was Cool Japanese
Toys news section, that the new President will cancel products that don't
sale well. Those Wing Commander toys are crappy or at least that's the way
they looked in a magazine ad I saw. This Turn A could be kind of different,
though. The Wing Commander toys are crap(IMHO), but, the Turn A show may not
do well, but this toy could do well, because if it's like other Bandai toys,
this will be a well done, good quality toy. The success of the Turn A toy, is
mostly pure speculation, though, so who knows what will happen.


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