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Eddie writes,

>I, for one, can back you up, as Mark has spent considerable time researching
>into this topic and posted a well written report. The only plausible
>theory was that he was rushed to Solomon during the siege and went to the
>front line in his new YMS-14 (a MG kit I have on the way, hehehehehehe!)

  Which isn't _that_ impossible, considering that the cut scene animation
in Giren's Greed has Johnny Ridden's Gelgoog escorting the Big Zam when
it's delivered to Solomon. So you could have had a last-minute guest
appearance by some of the Ace Corps test team...

>As for Shin Matsunaga, I've never heard of him referred to as "White Wolf
>of Solomon" - his nickname was simply "White Wolf", as most MSV reference
>materials and even kit decals attest to.

  No, his full moniker _is_ White Wolf of Solomon. Though he missed the
final battle in which Solomon was captured, he was stationed there for
months previously, during which he earned his nickname in sortie after
sortie from this front-line Zeon base.

Chris Beilby writes,

>Shin Matsunaga was nowhere near Solomon during the battle either, yet he was
>known as the White Wolf of Solomon. You can pick up a nickname without
>having to be in a major battle that occurs atr that place. In the case of
>Gato and Matsunaga, it was because they had been stationed there earlier in
>the war and had distinguished themselves well before the Battle of Solomon.

  Exactly right in the case of Matsunaga, but Gato is a different matter.
Though the animation is noncommital, the 0083 novelization (edited by
series director Imanishi) insists that Gato earned this nickname during
the final battle of Solomon. Which raises the question why he doesn't
have any flashbacks to the battle in the animation - when he targets the
naval review in episode 9, declaring "Solomon, I have returned!", he
flashes back to his humiliating withdrawal from the Battle of A Bao A Qu
instead. Ah well, shrug.

-- Mark

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