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Neil Baumgardner wrote
> Again he was some form of badass to get such a reputation.
> Neil

Local Hero is more like it... while we're at it
Char was a leader of men, in Char's Counterattack
and even berates Amuro for just being a soldier
he couldn't understand the complexities of war.

In the original series Char prods White Base to
Earth, not into Jaburo where they were heading
but to Garma's stomping grounds. He dogs them
guiding their movements through his attacks.

Compare that to Gato's measley attack on the Feds
Torrington base, and having two getaway ships is
good, but nothing like Char pulling the strings
of and enemy vessel for as long as he did. Gato
probably had some coaching from Delaz, where as
Char had only himself to rely on for planning.

The beleif that Gato is great, and Char is a
poisoned little rich kid doesn't pan out either.
The Zeon's as embodied by the Zavi family which
Gato admired so, just pillaged the Earth for its
natural resources, and destroyed anyone who didn't
agree with them. Char after his little revenge kick
actually shows his idealist colors working against
the EUG as a part of the AEUG, fighting the atrocity
of the Titans stormtrooper regime of oppression on
the colonies. And then later when the feds turn back
to their evil ways, Char comes back as the savior of
the Colonials, trying to free them again of the Fed
tyranny and abuse he tries to drop a colony on them.

To quote the CCA trailer if you think Gato was half
the man Char was "You don't know gundam"


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