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Paul Fields wrote:

> Edward Ju wrote
> >I, for one, can back you up, as Mark has spent considerable time
> >researching
> >into this topic and posted a well written report. The only plausible
> >theory was that he was rushed to Solomon during the siege and went to the
> >front line in his new YMS-14 (a MG kit I have on the way, hehehehehehe!)
> Marks other part to that theory was that
> Gato was stationed on Solomon BEFORE the
> Gelgoog development, and was a Dom or a
> Zaku pilot, and defended Solomon for the
> months from Solomon's completion until
> he got pulled off to test pilot Gelgoogs.
> Meaning he was stationed at Solomon from
> May until October/November? He probably
> could have built up quite a rep as the
> local ace pilot. Fighting Fed Battleships,
> and space fighters.

    Exactly. Throw in many battleships destroyed, etc, that's enough for the
    'Nightmare of Solomon.' No need for him to be present at the Battle of
    to get the name. Besides, since he got the name before the battle, no one
    have anticipated that there would even be a more significant 'battle of.'

    Again he was some form of badass to get such a reputation.


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