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> hat wasn't really the problem Tet, He said that an EVA HANDGUN
> was 880mm and its brigger guns are size of Battleship guns, now
> thats ridiculous. even if an eva was 40m tall its hangun rounds wouldn't
> be that big.

Why not? You seem to be implying that my opinion is blasphemy. Not that that
bothers me any, being the anti-christ and all. Anyway, if Evas are indeed 40
m tall, then that makes them about x20 scale to humans. So, if their handguns
fire scaled up 10 mm rounds, that those round are 200 mm (6 inchs). But in
the actual TV show the rounds are shown to be about 2 m in diameter, which
means that if the handgun round is an up scaled 10 mm round, then at 2000 mm
for a round, Evas are x200 scale humans. This means the they aren't 40 m
tall, but 400 m tall, which is in scale with what's been display in the show.
Example, Shinji crouching behind a skyscraper and Aska standing on an
aircraft carrier's flight deck. That means ten times taller than a Psycho
Gundam, which also means the MSs are like nasty little Chihuahuas, nipping at
the Eva's ankles.


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