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Paul Fields wrote:

> Ulrich Massamba wrote
> >Despite all these reasons Aznable must be careful because Gato is The
> >Nightmare
> >of Solomon and he didn't earns such nickname for nothing.
> Yes he did... he got the nickname for
> exactly nothing...we had this discussion a few months ago,
> Gato was off testing a Gelgoog durring
> the battle of Solomon. He was no where
> near the place... When the feds took over.

    Come on Paul, let's not be counter-intuitive here. Gato may not have
gotten his
    nickname during the Battle of fact I doubt he would have
then since
    that was a pretty clear cut losing battle for Zeon. However, he had a
    that was known well enough to two newbie test pilots and managed to
make it
    into Federation military history books. He didnt do that by doing
nothing. He
    obviously earned it sometime before the Battle of Solomon.


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